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Author of volumes in Career Opportunities series for Ferguson (New York City), including Career Opportunities in Writing (2006), Career Opportunities in Television and Cable (2007), Career Opportunities in the Internet, Video Games, and Multimedia (2007), Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry (2008), and Career Opportunities in Library and Information Science (2009)


Freelance editorial, proofreading, indexing, researching, and data entry services for Publishers, Agents, and Authors


Supervisor of proofreading, copy editing, and print quality control staff at Bridge Publications, Inc. (Los Angeles)


Indexer, manuscript editor, and research staff supervisor for JRP Media, Inc. (Los Angeles), packager of reference and trade books


Supervisor of proofreading/technical specifications staffs at Graphic Typesetting, Inc. (Los Angeles)


Manager of production division at Engineering Information, Inc. (New York City), including the supervision of the proofreading, copy editing, data entry, technical specifications, and computer services staffs; and Manager of Research and Development of Computer and Data Input Systems

  Associate Editor, Paperbound Books in Print, and Project Editor, Books in Print, at R. R. Bowker Co. (New York City)


  Copy editing




  Data entry

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