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Angels & Demons
One Actor's Hollywood Journey, An Autobiography

by Ray Stricklyn
(LA: Belle Publishing)
How to Get a Job and Keep It (second edition)
by Susan Morem
(NY: Checkmark Books)
Becoming Jimi Hendrix: From Southern
Crossroads to Psychedelic London:
The Untold Story of a Musical Genius

by Steven Roby & Brad Schreiber
(NY: DaCapo Press)
Swim Against the Current
Even a Dead Fish Can Go with the Flow
by Jim Hightower, with Susan DeMarco
(NJ: John Wiley)


Arthur Penn: American Director
by Nat Segaloff
(Lexington: University of Kentucky Press)

The Boy with the Betty Grable Legs:
A Showbiz Memoir

by Skip E. Lowe
(LA: Belle Publishing)

Career Opportunities in Forensic Science
by Susan Echaore-McDavid & Richard A. McDavid
(NY: Ferguson Publishing)

George: The Poor Little Rich Boy Who Built the Yankee Empire
by Peter Golenback
(NJ: John Wiley)

Hollywood Songsters
3 Volumes (second edition)
by J. R. Parish & M. R. Pitts
(NY: Routledge)

In the Same Voice: Men and Women in Law Enforcement
by Deborah Parsons & Paul Jesilow
(LA: Seven Locks Press)

Objectivity: Recovering Determinate Reality in
Philosophy, Science and Everyday Life

by Tibor R. Machan
(Aldershot, England: Ashgate Publishing)

OPI: A German Immigrant Who Helped Make Orange County Blossom
by Sir Eldon Griffiths
(LA: Seven Locks Press)

Questions & Answers About Community Associations
by Jan Hickenbottom & Herbert J. Strickstein
(LA: Miller Publishing)

Women Doctor's Guide to Health and Healing
by Editors of Health Magazine
(Birmingham, AL: Oxmoor House)


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